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What is a mission?

A mission is a concentrated spiritual week of services, sermons, and sacraments focusing on the major themes of our faith. The mission is a combination of communal prayer, music, preaching and ritual, all of which comes together to give people an experience of God's plentiful redemption.

Two Missions

The first mission that Fr. Kevin MacDonald presents is a Symbols Mission which is 3 nights. 

The second mission focuses on the Eucharist and is also 3 nights.

3 NIGHTS- "Mercy Mission"

A 3 night Mercy Mission focuses on the Bible, Easter Candle, and the Altar to help revitalize our response to God's love for us.


A mission is a joyful experience. Humor is an important part of a mission. Humor disarms people of their fears and allows them to become better listeners.  


This mission is a more contemplative experience with each night focusing on the Eucharist.

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